Adapting to Alzheimer's: Support for When Your Parent Becomes Your Child (Paperback)

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True life examples provide hope, guidance, and inspiration in Sherry Lynn Harris' book "Adapting to Alzheimer's." Empowering caregivers by providing must-have information, tools, and encouragement, it also gives ideas for adapting that can reduce stress and create joy. Sherry details immediately useful advice as someone who has been there and knows from experience how to support a loved one through the disease's various stages. She poignantly describes how she cared for her mother for 18 years, discovering many innovative ideas, including ways to help caregivers cope emotionally. Ethical questions are explored, such as resuscitation, as well as many suggestions on how to create fun playful moments. This guidebook can sustain the caregiver through many difficult issues including: Recognizing warning signals; Simplifying the environment to safely remain at home as long as possible; Putting financial and legal affairs in order, Evaluating when a move is necessary; Locating the next perfect home and helping adapt to it; Taking the car keys away; Using play and music to keep the brain active and engaged; and Calming ideas and redirection tools to avoid aggression. Easily understood descriptions of scientific studies describe what can be done to encourage brain health in those with Alzheimer's disease (AD), such as the positive effects of listening to music, or the benefits of dancing. This book offers many ways to provide support to your loved one with Alzheimer's, not only advising what can be done at each stage, but explaining how to do it. This is particularly helpful in areas which may be new to you, such as the financial steps that need to be taken or end-of-life issues. "Adapting to Alzheimer's" (Support for When Your Parent Becomes Your Child) sustains the caregiver through every stage of the AD experience, preparing them for what can be expected and providing ideas for adapting, making their job tremendously easier. A portion of each book sold is sent to the Alzheimer's Association in gratitude.
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ISBN: 9780990417200
ISBN-10: 0990417204
Publisher: Im Press
Publication Date: November 4th, 2014
Pages: 250
Language: English